Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare Conference: Focus on Growing Ethically

Vertical: Behavioral Health
Date: June, 2015

Our team attended the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2015 Conference hosted by Foundations Recovery Network in Nashville, TN on June 22nd and 23rd.

Higher Level Themes

(1) Behavioral Health Industry is rapidly changing, evolving and growing, (2) advances in medicine, genomics and clinical approaches are moving the industry forward, (3) demand for substance abuse treatment out-strips supply and (4) reimbursement is changing. “Pay for performance” is becoming the reality.

Underlying Focus on Growing Ethically

Discussions around ethics was a reoccurring theme and was heavily emphasized by the host of the conference, as well as in the panels and breakout sessions we attended.

Former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Richard H. Carmona

Mental and behavioral health are intertwined with all health issues. The United States needs to do a better job of addressing these issues, because going forward the economic burden of failing to properly address mental health and behavioral issues will increase.

Business of Behavioral Health Key Points

(1) Treatment Centers need to be in the industry for the “right reasons”, (2) will get parity on outcomes and medical necessity, (3) industry needs more collaboration and (4) maximizing UAs should not be a stand-alone business model.

Ethics of Direct Marketing Key Points

(1) Crack down coming on “lead generators” not following the Stark Law and (2) unscrupulous marketing efforts must be eliminated from the industry.

Discussions with Lab Companies on Exhibit Floor

Bracing and Preparing for Changes to the Game

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