5 ways COVID-19 has reshaped the ASC market

Beckers ASC Review

By Angie Stewart
September 8, 2020

The factors driving ASC market growth are just as powerful as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic — if not more so, according to Global Healthcare Advisors, a boutique investment bank focused on healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

GHA’s latest ASC market report was shared with Becker’s ASC Review by J.C. Lupis, managing director of GHA’s research platform.

Five ways the pandemic has reshaped the market:

1. Elective surgery cancellations threatened the survival of smaller, independent ASCs.

2. ASCs may continue to see reduced referral volumes due to patients foregoing physician visits.

3. CMS expanded the scope of services permitted in ASCs, which, along with pent-up demand, helped some centers quickly recoup lost volumes.

4. Patients may view ASCs as safer than hospitals in terms of infections, giving ASCs a new marketing point.

5. Some ASCs may have trouble acquiring personal protective equipment and/or lab tests due to increased demand.

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